E3 Update: Day 2 in a Nut Shell

The day was relatively uneventful compared to yesterday’s excitement, but it did give us more information on the years games. We saw more information on games like Assassin’s Creed, and Splinter Cell, but no real mind-blowing surprises like yesterday. I almost considered not posting today because of how difficult it is to follow last night.

Game Trailers Live Access confirmed that sentiment for PS4 has surpassed Xbox one, and showed Sony’s “screw you” to Microsoft here:

OWNED! Sorry Xbox, but PS4 has got you plain and simple.

Nintindo skipped their press conference but they did announce most of what the fans expected, but they still attempted to further the old franchises with the new Mario cart and new Donkey Kong but nothing huge. Nintendo, as per usual is still kicking because of these mainstream classics, but when will that cease to be enough?

Sorry that I’m at a loss, but like I said, yesterday blew my mind and today did nothing to come close!

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E3 Update: Sony PS4 Reveal (#Winning)

The long-awaited PS4 is here with the news on the hardware and design. Many people on the comment feed on Gametrailers.com are going back and forth trying to decide which system is going to be better than the other, and the general consensus is the lower priced console wins the war for this generation.

After discussing the PS3 and PSVita, the PS4 was introduced. Bypassing the chit-chat with the arcade games and all (don’t get me wrong, they were pretty alright), the action started out with Assassins Creed IV: Black Flags… Though this was the first actual gameplay demo the PS4 actually froze on multiple occasions: Not a good marketing plan. Despite that, Assassin’s Creed remains

on my list with the awesome gameplay and everything. Next was the Watchdogs gameplay debut which only increased my love for the game, this time with no glitches in the system. beautiful and unlimited possibilities. They even had LeBron James himself for the release of  the new 2k.Embedded image permalink

What the users really had a ball with was the fact that there were no restrictions on used games!!!! No need to connect online either! This is what shot the Xbox down from first place at E3. In addition, the playstation is a hundred dollars cheaper than the Xbox One! The feed has shifted massively to PS4 and unless Microsoft does something, they are in for a loss…


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Star Wars Battlefront Returns!

This is teaser from E3 is a taste of the return of Star Wars Battlefront, one of my favorites as a kid. The game is complete with next gen graphics. Though it was vague, everyone has high hopes for the game.

E3 Update: Ubisoft Conference

This Ubisoft conference showcased several games, many of them continuations of already established franchises. Each game offered us new look at Ubisofts ticket into the Next Gen era, most loved is Watchdogs and Splinter Cell. These games take the 21st century and advance it further with imagination. Gaming just got alot more immersive than previous consoles and games. There was also the release of a new just dance which is apparently going for yearly releases and names like most sports games.
There was more talk of the Xbox One taking over the TV and all. Although I’m not fan of this implementation of all this stuff from the gaming console. So many good games this year and not enough time to play them.
Many viewers on Twitter and Facebook have been complaining, but please don’t.

The Ubisoft surprise was amazing though! The Division just may have entered my to-buy list. It’s Watch Dogs mixed with Ghost Recon. This is Amazing!!!! Probably something being released next year. Look up the trailers and videos if you get the chance!

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E3 Update: Watchdogs

What can I say? the game looks Beautiful and entertaining with endless possibilities. Already pre-ordered and eagerly awaiting!

E3 Update: COD Ghosts

This sneak peak of the game was aired last night and gives us an insight to the game.

Into the deep:
This underwater level looks like it will be extremely interesting. It looks much like that level from MW3 with the submarine. It looks very slow going but suspenseful, but not so much that it’s boring. What would be awesome is a multiplayer map underwater! That would be so amazingly fun and entertaining. It could potentially be a fan favorite like Nuketown.

Riley the CoD Dog:

When I first heard that you could use a dog in the new Call of Duty, I had a frown on my face and my eyes rolled in their sockets thinking, “Wow, they are trying too hard…” But looking at the trailer, I better understand the use of Riley and his importance to the story and gameplay. The dog looks like it could most certainly become a CoD trademark. Already as I watch it, I feel attatched to the dog as if he’s one of my brothers in arms… as much as I hate to say it, I can’t help but feel like Riley will end up dead towards the end of the story. Or maybe one of the brothers. I don’t know, but this game is definitely on my watchlist!


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E3 Coverage: It’s Here!

The E3 expo is finally here! This may be one of the most important of this long-running tradition with the full intro of the Xbox One and The PlayStation 4. This week will be filled with twitter posts and blog posts about the expo as it happens. Starting tomorrow, I will be streaming like crazy from several sources about the expo. I’ll voice my opinion on the various demos and press conferences at the expo and give information on the hottest games. The Electronic Entertainment Expo will prove once more to be the biggest gaming convention of the year and best source of information.

Who knows? maybe one day we can be there live! Don’t forget to voice your support and give us a shout out. Follow on Twitter and DON”T FORGET:

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Non-liniar Storylines/alternate endings

Many games in recent years have been implementing many  different kinds of features to make games more interesting. One of my favorites is the use of non-linear storylines and alternate endings. This has been a great twist to storylines – where the things you do in-game affects the outcome of the campaign or the difficulty of subsequent levels. Some examples are in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood where if you take out Borgia towers in certain areas of the map (Rome), missions taking place in that area are decreased in difficulty. And in infamous, where the things you do affect how the people like you. And Black Ops 2, where you have in-game choices that affect cut scenes and the overall ending. These are all enjoyable games by themselves, but the aspect of alternate endings and altered gameplay are not what the games are famous for. In my opinion, there should one day be a game where anything can happen. I mean anything!

Take a CoD game for instance; say you fail an objective in story mode, but instead of restarting at a checkpoint, the game continues with the result of your actions showing in future missions. This technically opens the door for hundreds if not infinite outcomes of a game. Now this vision of mine has several problems with it.

For one, Time: The game developers spend endless hours trying to create an enjoyable gaming experience, and adding that many more sequences of code alone could take several months, let alone the graphics and animations, which could take years, even with a highly skilled team.

Secondly, Space: The digital space on a game disk is not infinite. Games today take around 6-10 GB of space, much of which is environments and animations. Adding all the variable graphics for a fully malleable storyline could take up about 30 GB or more.

Now I doubt that a dev team would spend this long on a game, not to mention the money, in the age of next gen systems, who knows what companies will pull out of their hats for us gamers. They might  add on more gameplay stuff for us. The PS4 and Xbox One have unknown possibilities!


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Red vs. Blue Season 11

RTYou all know I’m not a Halo guy, shoot I don’t even have an Xbox. But I cannot deny the hilariousness of the Halo based show called Red vs. Blue. This internet show has been in existence for over a decade, courtesy of Rooster Teeth. This company is one of immense influence in the gaming world and has captured my attention as well as millions of others. A few weeks ago, they released the trailer for Red vs. Blue 2013, and I just thought that I would share it. I recommend this show for anyone who enjoys to laugh and cry from doing so.

Be sure to check out their other stuff too. Click the logo above to take you to the site. enjoy!


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Summer: Back to Gaming!

So summer is finally here! That means back to gaming and back to blogging. I know some of you are anxious for more posts so I’ll get started immediately. I just Want to say thank you for all of your supportive comments and compliments and I have read each and every one.  This summer I hope to have some help and I still need volunteers! If you have a topic in mind you want me to blog about, by all means share it with me!

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