Call of Duty

Hey everyone! So my favorite game to play is Call of Duty, currently Black Ops 2. I’m a devoted Zombies player, but I’m not the greatest. I consider myself comfortably mediocre. Anyway, the thing with Zombies is that I didn’t play Black Ops 1, and apparently there’s a storyline to it. To better understand the storyline, I went to YouTube and searched for a few days to find a comprehensible guide and I found one:

So when I got Black Ops 2 for Christmas, I went back and forth between the kick-ass campaign and Zombies mode. By New Year’s, I had about 17 hours logged on TranZit, most of it playing with my little brother. Though I’m not as great as Syndicate Project, I plan on posting some of my notable gameplay soon. It could be fun to get some tips and tricks from some better player.

But on the other topics of Call of Duty, I cannot wait for the new addition to the series. I hear that it is a continuation of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series. My favorite is MW2 with its great maps and thrilling storyline. However, Treyarch’s Black Ops series is also on my radar. I soon plan on getting Black Ops 1 for the purpose of comparison. Treyarch’s Black Ops or Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare? Which is better?

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