Saints Row 4: I’m laughing right now and I can’t stop

The Saints Row series has always given us games where you are a hardcore gangster who spreads his terror on the streets, and that has always been the core concept of the game. However the Saints Row IV trailer was a look at the game that will throw it all away. For one, you play as the president of the United States (a gangster of another sort). So we’re already off to a bad start, sacrificing the street for the oval office, which turned me off immediately but i kept watching anyway. The second is that there is an alien invasion. That doesn’t need explaining  for how this is an insult to Saints Row 1-3.

When I first saw the trailer, I laughed and laughed, thinking it was a fake and the real game trailer was waiting somewhere else, but no. It was the real trailer and I wrote the game off my buy list. I watched the gameplay and recoiled. Saints row is taking it’s outrageous to the extreme with the new guns and moves, and especially the super powers.

Now the reason for this, I think, is that the previous saints row games were far too similar to Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row IV attempted to Remedy that.

Don’t get me wrong; the game looks fairly fun to play with it’s open world and freedom, but it just doesn’t look like a game that should be called Saints Row… There is just  to big a gap to jump. It truly seems like a mildly juvenile game, but I may get it in years to come and test it out!


I’m Anxious for Opinions!

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