Terrible Games: What makes them terrible?

So I am sure you all have played some games where you simply threw the controller on the ground and actually yelled out, “This is the shittiest game I’ve ever played!”  and never look at the game again. I know – I’ve done it too. But what actually makes a terrible game? What is so repulsive that pushes someone away from a game? For some, it is the graphics, for others it’s the storyline, for others it’s the gameplay. Even I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what makes a terrible game.

When we talk about a terrible game, it is obviously an opinionated judgement, and cannot be proved by facts. It greatly depends on who’s playing it and their expectations for it. For example: While walking through GameStop, I found a game called Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. I had never heard of it but it looked , if I did I would probably call it a terrible game. However, a six-year-old child who loves this kind of stuff would call it an awesome game. But if got a highly acclaimed game, say God of War, and had high expectations for it, it is far more likely that if it doesn’t meet those expectations than I will see the game as a ‘terrible’ game. It’s all relative.

Another factor that may contribute to one’s opinion of game is the difficulty. Most gamers want to be challenged, but not face the impossible. When playing a game, we want to feel like we are badass at the game but we don’t want to feel like it was handed to us on a silver platter. Most games have difficulty changers that make things easier for weaker gamers. I, myself, for first time games set it to medium. This also applies to the multiplayer versions of games. Some games have gameplay that suits more hardened players, leaving the rookies to slowly acclimate themselves to the game. However, multiplayer versions are generally constructed to suit everyone, but there are some that are for hardcore elite.

Knowing this, I have learned to put a stopper on my instant opinions and analyze them. For example, when I played Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, I was less than impressed, but I never explicitly expressed that the game “Sucked”. Instead, the words I used were “The worst in the series,” because in my opinion, it was. I mean it was entertaining for the most part, but got extremely repetitive fairly quickly. My point is not to be so quick to judge a game.

I mean we can all agree that there are some games that are just terrible…

I’m Anxious for Opinions!

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