A hole in the Assassins Creed Story: Can’t Un-See it

Ok so I love the Assassins Creed games and enjoy both the modern day storyline as well as the historical era story, but there has been something that caught my eye a while back and it is something that shakes the whole foundation of Assassins Creed world.

The main underlying premise of the story is using the Animus to relive the memories of your ancestors. These memories are stored in your DNA, and the Animus can access it and bring it to life. While thinking about this, I realized that that made no sense what so ever! If the memories of your great grandfather are in your DNA, how would they tell his whole life? Assuming your gandfather was not conceived post patris mortem (after the death of his father), he would only have his grandfathers memories up to the time he was conceived. The DNA could not transfer future memories of his father  Same for your father and then you! The chronology just doesn’t add up. Therefore, Desmond could not possibly have the memories of Altiar to his death because he had a son who possessed the extent of the memories of Altiar that would exist throughout the subsequent bloodline. I know this is difficult to understand so here’s a visual aid.

AC fail

I doubt this botheres anyone else, and Assassin’s Creed is still an awesome game; one of the best, and this minor annoyance will do little to change my opinions!

I’m Anxious For Opinions!

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One response to “A hole in the Assassins Creed Story: Can’t Un-See it”

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