E3 Update: Day 2 in a Nut Shell

The day was relatively uneventful compared to yesterday’s excitement, but it did give us more information on the years games. We saw more information on games like Assassin’s Creed, and Splinter Cell, but no real mind-blowing surprises like yesterday. I almost considered not posting today because of how difficult it is to follow last night.

Game Trailers Live Access confirmed that sentiment for PS4 has surpassed Xbox one, and showed Sony’s “screw you” to Microsoft here:

OWNED! Sorry Xbox, but PS4 has got you plain and simple.

Nintindo skipped their press conference but they did announce most of what the fans expected, but they still attempted to further the old franchises with the new Mario cart and new Donkey Kong but nothing huge. Nintendo, as per usual is still kicking because of these mainstream classics, but when will that cease to be enough?

Sorry that I’m at a loss, but like I said, yesterday blew my mind and today did nothing to come close!

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