E3 Update: Ubisoft Conference

This Ubisoft conference showcased several games, many of them continuations of already established franchises. Each game offered us new look at Ubisofts ticket into the Next Gen era, most loved is Watchdogs and Splinter Cell. These games take the 21st century and advance it further with imagination. Gaming just got alot more immersive than previous consoles and games. There was also the release of a new just dance which is apparently going for yearly releases and names like most sports games.
There was more talk of the Xbox One taking over the TV and all. Although I’m not fan of this implementation of all this stuff from the gaming console. So many good games this year and not enough time to play them.
Many viewers on Twitter and Facebook have been complaining, but please don’t.

The Ubisoft surprise was amazing though! The Division just may have entered my to-buy list. It’s Watch Dogs mixed with Ghost Recon. This is Amazing!!!! Probably something being released next year. Look up the trailers and videos if you get the chance!

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