E3 Update: COD Ghosts

This sneak peak of the game was aired last night and gives us an insight to the game.

Into the deep:
This underwater level looks like it will be extremely interesting. It looks much like that level from MW3 with the submarine. It looks very slow going but suspenseful, but not so much that it’s boring. What would be awesome is a multiplayer map underwater! That would be so amazingly fun and entertaining. It could potentially be a fan favorite like Nuketown.

Riley the CoD Dog:

When I first heard that you could use a dog in the new Call of Duty, I had a frown on my face and my eyes rolled in their sockets thinking, “Wow, they are trying too hard…” But looking at the trailer, I better understand the use of Riley and his importance to the story and gameplay. The dog looks like it could most certainly become a CoD trademark. Already as I watch it, I feel attatched to the dog as if he’s one of my brothers in arms… as much as I hate to say it, I can’t help but feel like Riley will end up dead towards the end of the story. Or maybe one of the brothers. I don’t know, but this game is definitely on my watchlist!


Stay here for news on E3.

I’m, anxious for opinions!

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