Non-liniar Storylines/alternate endings

Many games in recent years have been implementing many  different kinds of features to make games more interesting. One of my favorites is the use of non-linear storylines and alternate endings. This has been a great twist to storylines – where the things you do in-game affects the outcome of the campaign or the difficulty of subsequent levels. Some examples are in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood where if you take out Borgia towers in certain areas of the map (Rome), missions taking place in that area are decreased in difficulty. And in infamous, where the things you do affect how the people like you. And Black Ops 2, where you have in-game choices that affect cut scenes and the overall ending. These are all enjoyable games by themselves, but the aspect of alternate endings and altered gameplay are not what the games are famous for. In my opinion, there should one day be a game where anything can happen. I mean anything!

Take a CoD game for instance; say you fail an objective in story mode, but instead of restarting at a checkpoint, the game continues with the result of your actions showing in future missions. This technically opens the door for hundreds if not infinite outcomes of a game. Now this vision of mine has several problems with it.

For one, Time: The game developers spend endless hours trying to create an enjoyable gaming experience, and adding that many more sequences of code alone could take several months, let alone the graphics and animations, which could take years, even with a highly skilled team.

Secondly, Space: The digital space on a game disk is not infinite. Games today take around 6-10 GB of space, much of which is environments and animations. Adding all the variable graphics for a fully malleable storyline could take up about 30 GB or more.

Now I doubt that a dev team would spend this long on a game, not to mention the money, in the age of next gen systems, who knows what companies will pull out of their hats for us gamers. They might  add on more gameplay stuff for us. The PS4 and Xbox One have unknown possibilities!


I’m Anxious for Opinions!

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