The Ghosts Are Real

When I got home today, I had in my email a strange message with the subject, “The Ghosts Are Real”. When I looked at the sender I knew what it meant. It was sent by Call of Duty:

It’s about time! The next generation gaming age comes in strong with the most successful gaming franchise releasing their new game. Though this is only the teaser, it left me itching to see the trailer and play the game. This is definitely on my Pre-order list.

To combine this with another leak that I caught wind of earlier this year, I remember seeing somewhere some information about the game. A voice actor for the game leaked that the main character was one who was arrogantly self-confident. This is just something I remember reading and may have absolutely no truth at all.

Anyway, the game is possibly about our old friend, Ghost, from Task force 141 who supposedly was killed along with Roach on Modern Warfare 2 when they were betrayed by General Shepard. Forget about spoilers on a four year old game by the way.  But the game could either take place before his death, or play on the fact that he did not die. I would prefer the latter because of the completely new doors it would unveil.

Did you notice the cut scene though? The mask is one that is far different than the one worn by ghost throughout Modern Warfare 2. See here:Gohsts2                                         Ghost


The difference is unmistakable, but what does it mean? is it someone carrying out Ghost’s legacy, or Ghost himself before/after TF141? I don’t know. All I know is; there’s a new Call of Duty game out there, and I cannot wait!

Also there was something else that I didn’t notice around the internet (mostly because I wasn’t looking). There is a next gen Xbox confirmed, and it will be debuted on May 21st. As it happens, check my Twitter feed and this site for the latest info


I’m Anxious for Opinions!

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