Video Games, Grades, and Violence

If you ask most any modern parent, they’d tell you that video games are making kids dumb and cognitively slower. Hours of being in a state of unawareness and unresponsiveness could not possibly be good for kids. The violence that is endorsed in some games can be heavily influential in a child’s upbringing and can easily be blamed for the high crime rate in the world today. Is this true? Any gamer who is faced with this question will instantly answer no, but on what grounds? The grounds that they themselves have not been overly influenced by games, but does that apply to everyone? Of course not. Everyone is different. Studies have shown that hyper-violent video games affect children by making them more aggressive and irrational. Studies have also shown that several hours on video games noticeably decreases children’s’ test scores. however, Studies have also shown the converse of both assumptions. How can we reconcile the two opposites?

We first have to look at the studies. I, for one do not see studies against video games as a fair way to learn the effects, but many others do. Unfortunately, the results of the studies may be somewhat, if not greatly skewed. Why? because who pays for these studies? The majority of the time, they are funded by either side of the spectrum: the Gaming companies, or the Anti-violence conservative groups against video games (these groups are also lobby for laws restricting or regulation internet use). Here, I tip-toe in the boiling pool that is politics, but i tread with care. Anyway, the studies are almost never sponsored by a neutral party, and are therefore, on the whole, unreliable. The only way to honestly tell is by watching from afar at each video gaming individual – a task that is immoral, impossible, and unlikely to sit well with anyone.

The other thing is, that games do not always negatively affect a student’s grades. Of course, if someone spends the majority of their waking hours playing video games, and not studying, they’d probably get lower scores. But I, a moderate gamer, have learned much from games. For example; the Assassin’s Creed series contains alot of accurate historical information – information that greatly helped me in my AP World History class. The same with Call of Duty: Black Ops, the game contains many accurate historical figures, and events. Though this cannot be said for all games, these two popular games are somewhat educational. For more examples on why video games are not bad, see link here:

I’m anxious for opinions!

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