Multiplayer or Single Player

Some people play games for the joy of the storyline and gameplay that it contains – I’ve heard it described as “playing a movie.” Other gamers prefer playing and competing with friends. Games like Assassins Creed and God of War are more for the former grouping. These games are centered on storyline and either contain a low end, or completely lack a multiplayer mode. In fact, God of War Ascension is the first GOW with a multiplayer mode at all. As for the multiplayer games, Call of Duty and Halo both have remarkable storylines, but also pride themselves on their advanced multiplayer gameplay. I once played a game called MAG which is only multiplayer and has no story or campaign mode. I, myself generally keep a health balance between the two.

Frankly, more people play multiplayer for longer periods, for obvious reasons. In a single player campaign, there is a finite amount of things to do, even in open world games like Skyrim and Saints row.  Some games offer multiplayer campaigns, but I’ve never played one before, so I can’t give opinions on it. Some Call of Duty players I know say that they haven’t even finished the campaign yet, even though they’ve prestiged twice. In Zombies mode on Black Ops is never ending, even though there is technically a storyline, still most people play it more than campaign.

Does anyone else have a specific preference? Multiplayer or Single player? I’m available for a game sometime!


I’m Anxious for opinions!

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