First Person vs. Third Person

I don’t know about most of you all, but I was raised playing 3rd person shooters as opposed to the 1st person shooter. My first was Star Wars: Battlefront, which, to this day, is still one of my favorites. The thing that attracted me to the TPS (Third Person Shooter) was the ability to view your entire character, and the ability to look around corners without being exposed. Games like SOCCOM and Battlefront mildly require such visibility to complete objectives and fully get the experience of the game. I enjoyed watching my character move around and fire. Aiming down the sights while in Third Person would transfer into the ambiguous “second person” which is a view from behind the player’s left or right ear. When looking through a sniper scope, the view looks the same as First Person

Later in my gaming life, I acquired my first first-person-shooter; Medal of Honor. Now I was new to the FPS, but I soon got used to the lack of visibility and full view. This mad me shoot far more accurately and gave a life-like experience of warfare. Since then, I have stuck with the FPS, going to Call of Duty and more medal of honor. When I came back to the TPS, it was extremely difficult to get back in the swing of things. For some reason, The FPS was better for me.

What do you all think? I’m sure many of you will choose FPS games, but still I want to know if people are still on the TPS. Vote here and don’t forget to send feedback!

I’m Anxious for Opinions!

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