Black Ops 2: Uprising release

Apparently Chucky was right about Treyarch’s accidental hint to the new DLC. Here it is:

So this looks amazing what with the new Zombies map and the multiplier maps, but oddly, no gun. Unfortunately for me, I won’t get it until a month after Xbox users. Why is that? I remember reading somewhere about an audio glitch, or something. Either way, rumors are true, and the ame will be released for Xbox on  April 16th, and probably a month later on PS3.

The maps are as follows:


Magma        Vertigo     Studio    Encore

Zombies:    Mob of the Dead

What’s strange is that there was no release trailer for it. I expect one today or tomorrow. but who knows? What’s important is that there is a new DLC and I think I speak for all gamers when I say this is much welcomed! What are your hopes for the new maps? Zombies or Multiplayer?

I’m anxious for opinions!

Stay Connected,


Re-Edit: CONFIRMED REAL! added trailer above


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