The Thing About Minecraft…

So to all you Minecraft lovers who can spend hours on end playing that game, I ask how? I got Minecraft for PC a few months ago and since then have developed a mild dislike for the game. For one, its utterly pointless. I prefer to have a game with a decent storyline, or in the case of Mnecraft, any storyline at all. To me, the lack of a goal means a lack of reasons for playing. I know that all you Minecrafters favor the “Pure Creation” of it, but I simply don’t see the point without a central plot. Don’t peg me as a hater just yet. I respect the franchise and the fact that Mojang created a successful game that has kept it’s popularity for years. That game simply not for me. Know what I mean? Try and convince me otherwise, I dare you!

Anxious for oppinions!

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