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Next Gen Consoles/Games


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2013 is the year of Next Gen consoles, what with the Wii U coming out late last year, and the PlayStation4 announced in February. Though Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the release of an Xbox720, it is widely believed that it will be announced in the Spring or Summer. Along with these new systems, comes a new era of graphics and complexities in Video games. Also included in this Next Gen revolution are new games to go on these platforms. The Sony event introduced many, such as and Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag is included, and we all know Activision will most likely release a kick-ass Call of Duty game (Rumored to possibly be Modern Warfare 4).

Though the Wii U isn’t considered “Next Gen,” it is a significant leap from the low end Wii which was described by many as the butt-crack of gaming. The Wii’s graphics were generally worse than those of the old PS2. Though I haven’t wittnessed live, I’ve seen Wii U gameplay and it is equal to or just under the performance of the Xbox360 or PS3. The Wii U may be a good system for the low caliber gamer,but for a medium like me, The Next Gen from Xbox and PlayStation will be my first choice. The question is, which games should I get?

I am a fan of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, and definitely plan on pre-ordering ACIV. Along with that, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs looks like y kind of game, so that’s in my shopping cart. But the thing is, I haven’t decided on getting the PS4 or not. Historically speaking, when Sony releases a PlayStation, a new, smaller version is released, generally better than the original. If I buy the PS4, I probably won’t get the PS4 Slim which is utterly certain to follow the next year. Decisions, decisions…

What do you all think?  What will be the best Next Gen console? Which games will you buy?

I’m anxious for opinions!

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5 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

5 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games.

Here’s a post I saw from another blogger. I think it’s pretty interesting!

New Game: Watch Dogs

So maybe you watched the official announcement of the PlayStation4, or maybe not, but I did. There were a lot of things in those two hours that intrigued me, especially the new Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs – a modern hacker-assassin type game that looks a lot like Assassins creed, but more on that later. The game’s debut gameplay at the event was enough to keep me interested in the game. take a look at what PlayStation’s YouTube channel just released:


If you saw the original video this would make more sense, but I digress.

Like I said before, the game reminds me of Assassins Creed, and if you ask me, it looks like it uses an engine similar to that of an Assassin’s Creed game. To me, this looks like a scrapped project for a modern set AC, but what do I know?

All in all, this looks like an exiting leap into the Next Gen console era, which as of now only includes the PlayStation4. Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed suspicions about the Xbox720, but is rumored to do so this summer. Watch Dogs will most likely be released on all next gen consoles this holiday season, and I plan on pre-ordering it soon!

I’m anxious for opinions!

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Xbox vs. PlayStation

Anyone who plays PlayStation or Xbox probably has a friend who plays the other system. That friend probably constantly tries to convince you to buy their system and gives endless reasons on why it’s better. This feud between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox has been going on since the beginning of the Video game Era. It can be compared to the debate between Apple Mac computers and Windows computers, except it’s not as simple. (Everyone knows that Apple is more expensive but generally runs better – it’s the consumer’s choice) This debate has it’s similarities regarding money.

Xbox users continually complain that drains their money as they charge them for every little thing. For Example, Xbox Live costs $60 a year, and without it, you cannot play online with friends. PlayStation Network, on the other hand, is free. The two consoles themselves are about equally priced, but there are many accessories that differ in price. For example the Xbox360 controller commonly costs between $20 and $40, while the PS3 Dualshock could be higher than $50. I one met a guy while playing Call of Duty online who said he was new to PlayStation because he sold his Xbox. When I asked him why, he said that it was too much of a burden in his wallet. So when it comes to money, more users go with PlayStation.

Of course there must be other factors that go into choosing a gaming system. One is performance. To be honest, I am a bit biased towards PlayStation, only because I was raised with a PS2 and PS3. But I am thinking about getting an Xbox and therefore am keeping an open mind. As far as performance goes, Xbox users generally claim that they possess the best graphics, and technically speaking, they are right to claim so. The Xbox CPU is more powerful than the PS3’s core which makes for better speed and capabilities. It also has a slightly more high-end than the one in a PS3. So strictly going by public opinion and hardware specifics, an Xbox is a more powerful machine.

An enormous determining factor for PlayStation and Xbox users alike are the games that are console specific. I’m talking about Halo (Xbox), God of War (PS3), Gears of War (Xbox), Uncharted (PS3), and all of the other highly rated games that are console specific. Some users claim that Xbox hold the greatest game in the world, Halo, which is a game that is well known as the greatest Sci-Fi FPS, and one of the most popular games in the world. Many people stay with their system because of the games they fall in love with. I, on the other hand, fell in love with the most popular and profitable game in the world: Call of Duty- which is available for all consoles and PC.

Many PlayStation users claim to have stuck with their system due to its convenient controller shape. I, myself, greatly prefer the Dualshock grip and button scheme. Some of my friends who play Xbox say that the Xbox controller is for “Man Hands” because it’s bigger and wider. This isn’t as big a factor as people think. If someone was given the choice between an Xbox that they’ve been playing for years, and a Playstation that they’ve never played before, they would probably choose the Xbox. It all boils down to what they were raised with.

Anxious for opinions!

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New Black Ops 2 DLC!!!!

So since the revolution Map Pack for Black Ops 2 came out, so many people have spent hours creating fake leaks from Treyarc. I remember being so surprised at “Orientation” and “Intuition” and so pissed off when they were proved fake. The nerve of some people…

But now, I think I’ve found a winner! the YouTuber, “ImChuckyFTW” just posted a video on a series of code he found regarding the new DLC. Here, see for yourself:

Seems legit right?

Uprising seems to be the new thing to keep us guessing and hoping. As in the video, the trailer would be released on March 29th. When it does come out, I’ll be sure to write a review on it, and maybe even a video.

On the darker side, this could be, at worst, a misinterpretation of the code. I, myself know nothing about it and can’t speculate on the matter, but what if? If it is fake, it’s damn well done and I am thoroughly convinced.

I’m anxious for opinions!

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Gaming computers

Whats with people saying that gaming on PC’s is better than consoles? If you’re like the majority of people, you were raised on playing cheap computer games until finally, you got the new PlayStation, or Xbox that you had been asking for for a year. Then you forgot about the computer and focused on consoles.
However, a few years ago, I was introduced to the world of PC gaming and learned that you can create elaborate systems and engines tat would be far more difficult on a console. And, unlike with consoles, you can upgrade graphics cards, processing speed and display Naturally for a few months, i was desperate to upgrade my crappy-ass computer and turn it into a gaming machine. However while the possibility is there, it is an expensive aspiration at best.
See, gaming computers usually contain a powerful processor such as an i7. This, for example, costs between 300, and 700 dollars, and that’s just the CPU. Other things, such as high capacity hard drives, high end graphics cards and extra RAM memory are all pricey upgrades to make a gaming machine. Altogether, gaming computers const about $500-$3,000. A console like an Xbox or PS3 costs a fraction of that.
To the average person, a PS3 or Xbox does more than satisfy their gaming needs, and it’s relatively inexpensive. But for those people who need the giant leap into a world of virtual reality, a gaming computer would do the trick. Personally, I would greatly enjoy a nice gaming computer t fall back on when the consoles are just not doing it for me. but i prefer to remain in the triple digits when i buy a system. I’m anxious for opinions!

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The Thing About Minecraft…

So to all you Minecraft lovers who can spend hours on end playing that game, I ask how? I got Minecraft for PC a few months ago and since then have developed a mild dislike for the game. For one, its utterly pointless. I prefer to have a game with a decent storyline, or in the case of Mnecraft, any storyline at all. To me, the lack of a goal means a lack of reasons for playing. I know that all you Minecrafters favor the “Pure Creation” of it, but I simply don’t see the point without a central plot. Don’t peg me as a hater just yet. I respect the franchise and the fact that Mojang created a successful game that has kept it’s popularity for years. That game simply not for me. Know what I mean? Try and convince me otherwise, I dare you!

Anxious for oppinions!

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Everyone who liked the PlayStation3 is greatly anticipating the PlayStation4 here’s PlayStation’s website. Check it!

Yeah so ACIV coming and im a little scared:

I’m a huge fan of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, and I just acquired ACIII. This game, however, looks a bit too much. The pirate thing is, to say the least, unexpected. Though Ubisoft did state that it would be entirely possible for the next Assassin’s Creed game to go further back in time than ACIII but I didn’t expect it to be so so soon. I expected the next game to be maybe French Revolution, or Napoleonic maybe. Don’t get me wrong, though I haven’t seen any gameplay, the game looks exiting and entertaining. I’m anxious for other opinions!

Link by PlaysStation from Twitter Check it: